HÄMARIK - spicy wildness in perfume


What is perfume HÄMARIK inspired of?

HÄMARIK (nightfall) is a perfume that was created first. It has a bold and soft side, there is an endless game of spicy-sweet aromas that will heat up even the coldest ones. Dark and a light smoky undertone next to the citrus. Like the hour of nightfall there are sensual and woody vetiver, rich vanilla and strong aromatic black pepper accompanied with bergamot´s lightness.

Vetiver has a strong and unique aroma, which acts as a base note and gives a solid base in the structure of the perfume. Vetiver's oil can have a calming and soothing effect, but in the HÄMARIK perfume it gives a rather seductive feeling to the senses with its woodiness. Vanilla has a rich, full-bodied and sweet aroma that remains on the skin until the end. Black pepper makes its presence strong, stimulating and complimenting other fragrances. There is a slight lightness of Bergamot but also the richness of this aroma saturates the perfume and also gives it a mildly fun note.

HÄMARIK can be a dark scent that adds raw wild as well as classic charm to any day / evening. It has the courage with a natural power. There may be something that only perfume wearer can imagine and want from it. In the end, the perfume still takes the shape and form only when being on the skin, which is why natural perfumes emphasize the uniqueness of each person.

What feeling gives you HÄMARIK?

Until next time, hurmur!
(hurmur - charmer)

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